Margery Theroux

I make paintings, videos and drawings by working observationally from objects which are the stuff of everyday life. These objects find themselves in arrangements by happenstance, by being left behind, set down and forgotten. They pile up in a chaotic way. The clutter becomes a metaphor for the pressure of time and space closing around us. Instead of working with the objects themselves I search for a world that is created by the environment of the clutter. Thus an object can blend with a neighboring object to create a new image, a new language to deal with the chaos. Invariably these images take on a human expression, a figure or figures.

I work with these figures in an attempt to capture slices of the human psyche affected by these pressures. I see expressions of stress and anxiety in the world around me, the physical as well as the psychological toll. There are many sources and many manifestations of these emotions. The portraits and figures in my work live in ambiguous environments and carry these expressions ranging from humorous, angry, anxious and seriously disturbed. Through examination of these forces on our day-to-day lives I try to create images that are relatable, that the viewer can immediately respond to and perhaps realize these emotions are universal in our world today.